Looking for a Senior Living/Memory Care in the North Ga/Chattanooga area?

Southern Haven is your best choice.

Why? Read the story below

            I brought my mom and dad to Southern Haven January 1st, 2012. It was my mom and dads’ 68th anniversary. Both of my parents, my mom 90, and my Dad 89, were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. My mom was not eating and drastically losing weight! The staff at Southern Haven took my parents in and even hand fed my mother until she begun eating herself, gaining weight, and even getting up by herself! My father, a veteran Purple Heart recipient from World War II, has also received extraordinary care from Southern Haven’s staff! Southern Haven is not a typical assisted living! It has the love and care of its patients as a real home! The workers are not just paid help at Southern Haven. They are all loving and bring to the residents, as well as my parents, a family-like atmosphere. They also take the level of care far beyond a “just getting by everyday” attitude! I personally highly recommend Southern Haven for personal care!

To God Be the Glory,

Chip Kell

In 2006, Kell was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, making him the 19th Tennessee player to be inducted.

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